Posted by Admin | October 18th, 2012

Jay Weiner Andover is an accomplished business. Not just in terms of what positions he has held, but in terms of what he has been able to accomplish during his time as a member of leadership in those companies. Jay Weiner Andover has over thirty years of experience working in the sales and marketing industries. He has a great deal of knowledge regarding these industries due to his experience in the industries. He knows how those industries function and how companies within those industries ought to function in order to be successful. He knows how to utilize his experience in order to benefit a dynamic company in one of those industries. Jay Weiner Andover is not just a laborer in one of those fields, but a senior marketing and sales professional. He has been able to accumulate a wide base of knowledge and experience by working in different positions and holding different responsibilities in various fields.

Jay Weiner Andover’s background and work experience make him an attractive asset to companies. He believes his experience in the business world He is hoping to be able to leverage this experience into an opportunity to take over a senior level position at a company. Jay Weiner Andover was born and raised in North Andover, Massachusetts, where he learned the fundamentals of a good career—hard work and perseverance.